tegan and sara

May 9, 2008

this post is going to feature 2 rolls of apx100 and one roll of trix400

in chronological order: random viennacafegossiphangoutposing – trip to munich – viennacafegossiphangoutposing²


where is waldo?

dont know how many pictures i have already taken at this cafe. especially the nice veneer brings lovely light insight. here: anna

definitely a b/w shirt

back to the little guy who likes to play with a roll of trix

oha, back at neat-light-cafe. switched girl, alright.

went to the new matthew barney exhibiton with girl and german guy. watched `drawing restraints` afterwards. hmm,… yeah i liked the 15 minutes of selfslaugther and cutting of björk and barney. sick.

well spent 8 bucks

this is german guy. he dislikes the vienna university of economics , he’ll be back in good old germany this summer.

hello mr business. the tie wasnt supposed to be this exposed, aye?

he needed some pictures for the firm he works for and a branch-relevant newspaper.

i went on a 3 day trip to munich with uni. very intense weekend


arch. Amandus Sattler| Herz Jesu Kirche, München

Micro Compact Home | Horden Cherry Lee Architects, Lydia Haack, John Höpfner

loads of beer and knuckles of porks

Aussegnungshalle München-Riem| Meck und Köppel

Kirchenzentrum München-Riem | Nagler Architekten

walking around munich all day long having uided tours and enjoying munich’s great nightlife isnt easy to bear.

Pinakothek der Moderne | Stephan Braunfels

Jüdisches Zentrum | Wandel Hofer Lorch

BMW Welt | Coop Himmelb(l)au

go b/w

my turkish connection.

klaus supervises my current project

hello gelatine strings. u like to rock my world every once in while. sleep well.

kerem and mooore pork knuckles…

so this was munich

back to vienna where the halbstarken rule street corners and milchbars.

the vienna zoo has also got some ubercute ice bears… build it and they will come.

last apx100 frame

let me know what you think

thank you and good bye



it’s good to have land

March 12, 2008

back from skiing. dont expect any honey bunnies or wet willis


February 23, 2008

actually i thought i d have the other roll of trix, i was shooting this and last week, developed by now but uber hot ladies(what irony) and super fun stuff kept me from finishing that roll.

anyhoo… i ll just go ahead and give u a little update since im gonna be gone skiing the following week.

sebastian, this time i think im not gonna keep my usual standards considering ladies-only pix. i hope little boys make u wackl your panties too :/

seems familiar? yeah we go out for lunch once a week, eat loads of food, i make stupid jokes, she laughs

good times

couldnt figure out what that dragon was supposed to do, mah

dont ask

u might know this one, i quite like it.

hit me with your hooow-cUuuute bullshit

1/30 f2 – im pretty surprised.

also its always important to look damn pissed. give em that attitude- its sexy <3

remember her?

after i took that picture with her hands covering her face she decided to always kinda hide her face with at least one hand – this makes her look better – she told me and cracked up (:

my buddy, again.

we hang together on some afternoons

when i told him my plan was to tear down the wall between my room and the guest room he volunteered to do that with his forehead. the little guy is a true friend

editing color pictures on a laptop is also something i can highly recommend to anyone who feels like having agoofy-gooper-great time. when i move my head 5 cm up/down/left/right my picture instantly gets a different exposure, hue,… its fantastic. fastest photoshoping i know. fuck color management

by the way: the “i will tear down this wall” saying wasnt a joke

extended my castle of lust, my room where the magic happens, my playboy mansion, my sexilicious hideout.

so if you plan on cuming to vienna and consider yourself a female/male/shemale at the age of 14 – 65, drop me a short note with full body picture included. i might let u stay at my place <3

jesus fucking christ, i have no clue what is wrong with me tonight, i apologize!

thats my new wetsuit on the left, hope to get on the water kite surfing the next couple of weeks.

people who pee in their wetsuits are fucking disgusting

all my stuff is waiting in boxes. i really need to get the floor fixed, paint the walls, and hook me up with new furniture

nahh, one more week of skiing wont hurt anyone, except my sister who has to live in this mess thus far. whatever, i hope she moves out soon.

cant wait to ride this fone kite board

so hope you guys have sextreme weekends and shit.



February 7, 2008

last frames from amsterdam

back in vienna usual business – coffee

grandma hates dog shit and the building crane across the street

waiting for my dentist appointment

on the 24th of december i went for a walk. i know i probably dont please a lot of people with these frames but whatever

christmas eve itself was hell of a party:

how artsy… mq, vienna

more ice skating on lake neusiedl

reminds me a lot of one winter- “nice lady” picture of a well known photographer <:

who likes gelatine strings? :O

hes actually a big guy but kinda doesnt look true to scale, dunno

just for the sake of it

hard and soft?

new years eve

lots of good food and nice small talk. 5 great menu itmes, way to go mr cook

this is all trix400, no pushing

what a natural pose. yamba sparabo

the girl in focus is the host. ok, the picture itself is crap and the girl in front is just disturbing but i really like her appearance. i mean shes got class shes got style. id really like to take more pictures of her. well that night i didnt…


im always amazed about how candle light works in this kind of situations

5 am metro

still waiting for the metro, got a call that i should come over to a home party very close to my place. well i wasnt drunk enough, i thought, so i crashed it. when i got there it was 5:30 and like 30 people were leaving at once. i entered and found myself in an empty apartment with just these two fellas.

so i helped myself with one of the last beers and headed home.

the place everyone comes to get fucked

December 21, 2007

go and watch the movie -shortbus- at your theater of choice.

this tag is spreading all over vienna. have seen it numerous times

two weeks ago i went for a cute sunday hike. didnt notice that the lens had obviously filmed over. hope u guys heart the effect

in case i find time and motivation ill write a little tutorial about how to get this cute effect in photoshop

def. my favourite rest room:

eva taking a break from dancing salsa la style. need a little more time to convince her that the dirty bachata workshop is something we definitely wanna do.

my uni-partner, with whom i work on several projects, lives in one of the gasometers. quite interesting location

besides a lot of tremendous masturbating, i went paintballing with some friends. i didnt expect the hits to hurt that much (stings like a bitch) but it was a lot of fun though. the venue was fucking dark so i didnt take a lot of pictures and, of course, i didnt want my camera to get all fucked up with paint…


anyhoo. last weekend i went to amsterdam baby.

cold, weed and oliebollen – thats what iam talkin about

waiting for the tram

i found it rather amusing that amsterdonians (please dont correct me) numbered their subway trains starting with the number “50”.

let me know if you like my posts this way (hardly any text, just pictures) or if u want me to put my twisted thoughts into words.

ill be back next year.

good night |Linus

erdberg boomt

November 15, 2007

so if anyone is interested in what i ve been doing school wise the last two years:

the housing project i worked on last semester was nominated for an exhibtion about new urban living in vienna (an area called erdberg, within the 3rd district)

tonight this exhibtion is opened by viennas city councillor for housing. dont be afraid to drop by and take a look at some interesting concepts and ideas.

chapeau, mate

November 13, 2007

it is so not the point of having a blog if u only post like every other months, but yeahp…

just some placeholders so this place doenst look that empty.

trix400. dont know how, but i manged to fuck up developing. dirt and scratches like back in the days :/

i have never been one of the many guys who take a shitload of mirror shots. its not that i minde them or think it is stupid. actually most of them i find quite good and fun to look at. i just couldnt look back at myself through the viewfinder and think “thats going to be an interesting picture”. ha, now that i look at it i still dont think so i just dont care that much anymore. when i feel like mirrorshot i just do it <3

this guy u see quite often doing the mirrorthingy. we drink beer and piss in parks.


i always win free shots at irish pub quiz nights for funniest team name. their just isnt any competition.

16th floor

hellowien meets public transportation

first i took a picture of him working, he saw me taking the picture and i thought id get in trouble but he was like “c’mon friend, take another one”. this is it

i like

good night and good luck

filling gaps

October 1, 2007

no uber nice apx b/w shots this time

just a few random party shots from a new office space opening party

mind the faces in the back

whistles and bells all over the place

i was just about to put on my coat and leave when this guy from the catering came up to me and asked me for a picture. he was kinda disappointed i havent taken one of him all night.

so there u go… hm forgot to ask him for his name

anyhoo, was a fun commission. im really happy school starts again tomorrow, keeps one busy and off stupid things. 10 hours left till my first russian class…. new languages, thats what i need.

take care

international language

September 23, 2007

ok im back to vienna. been to croatia for a week enjoying the last 2 days of summer break and to get aways from the first signs of starting fall here in vienna. it was really nice, little town called biograd , off-season.

anyhoo only shot 2 rolls of apx – might be the last for a while. upcoming winter forces u to skip to nocotography (trix+2 and higher ;) )

mostly just wild lady pix that get really repetitive after a while so ill just post a few

nice german guy from munich. talked like forever about the oktoberfest and why we should go. we drank a lot of aweful wine with him

this camera is so tiny

much better, just couldnt figure out how to hold it right (;

ok one last lady pic

because we like the international language of boobs

alright thats it

thanks for reading and commenting and leave me ur blog adress. i will feed my rss

now fuck off and good bye (;

abendliche abenteuer

September 9, 2007

so first of all thanks everyone for watching and commenting. i deactivated that annoying snap preview thing (:

ok so in finally finished that roll of trix+2 i started like 2 months ago in bregenz

dunno whats up with me and my handling/storage of half finished kodak films. guess the container got a little fucked up and so the light leaked; but only onto the first few frames. dont have this with agfa films… weird

“HA, you dont know kung fu”

Did i mention that this is gonna be a hiking/landscape – heavy entry? no, k u can skip the next part if ur all about public transportation shots and go right to the trix+2 drinking shots section (;

2 weeks ago two friends and i decided two climb mount Traunstein.

the first hour we did pretty well and the 3 of us tried to hold the same tempo.

after same time rupert (picture) continuously fell back and we had to wait every other corner.

looking up the mountain (:

last brake before we split up and agreed to meet at the top

antonia and i found a good hiking rhythm

the scenery there looking straight down onto lake traunsee and the alps is just stunning

this is about half way up the mountain

kinda scary two pass all these crosses of people who lost theirs lives on this mountain


quite heavy antonia wise , aye? didnt pass a lot of other hikers

told you so

huh, theres one. even with helmet

self portrait

so after about 3,5 hours we reached the first of two mountain lodges where we agreed to wait for rupert.

so we chilled

and talked to the original WURZELSEPP Senior (note his shirt)

thats probably the most amazing toilet i have seen my entire life. its built right on the cliff

we waited for like an hour or so when we called him on his cell. obviously exhausted he told us that hes still on the way up and needs a little more time… we could make a runf for the top without him.

so we did and passed the second lodge that is about to get rebuilt

at the top

on the way back to the first lodge we couldnt reach rupert on his cell and were very worried; luckily we found him waiting there for us, totally worn out. the worst news were that his hiking shoes thought it would be nice to just dissolve!


to be honest, i was very scared, first of all rupert not seeming to be able to get down on his own and second his shoes absolutely fucked up.

thought it would be hard enough to manage to get us down in time anyway so i gave rupert my hiking boots and took on the burden of going down barefoot. yes, its like 1300m difference in altitude <3

sorry guys, dont have any other pictures of the way down. guess i didnt have time for taking pictures, was busy with more important life activities. (:

it took us 3 hours to get to a rural road in the backcountry. luckily we met a forest ranger that let us hitch hike back to our car. (would have taken us another hour to go there)

really nice of him. haha thank god

back to the car on his pick up ;)

somuch to an abendliche adventure

back in vienna i met up with friends to talk about going to Alt Aussee for Kirtag, kinda of state fair but only in a little rural village. looks a lot like october fest

puss in boots <3

more coffee

the following two shots are the only pictures i took at the fair. due to heavy drinking and an enormous hate of Aussee’s townfolks for viennese i was scared for my leicas safety and left it in my room.

good capture. eyes closed, eating, toilet <3

oh talking about those mountain inbreds of Alt Aussee fuckfaces. dunno know why they dont like viennese but thats what they did to a friend of mine. 6on1 action – how manly

took this one with a friends point n shoot cam (date is incorrect)


before going out:

du hast die haare schön… <3

1. u lost, sucker, take two!

2 .there u go

3. awww yummy.

haha i love this shot. dont know who or why someone drew on the bottle but it just adds so much! :D

on the way back to vienna; been a fun weekend.

thats it for now. thanks again for watching and commenting.

dont hesitate to leave a comment with your blog adress, im happy to add blogs to my rss feed. great feature :)