chapeau, mate

November 13, 2007

it is so not the point of having a blog if u only post like every other months, but yeahp…

just some placeholders so this place doenst look that empty.

trix400. dont know how, but i manged to fuck up developing. dirt and scratches like back in the days :/

i have never been one of the many guys who take a shitload of mirror shots. its not that i minde them or think it is stupid. actually most of them i find quite good and fun to look at. i just couldnt look back at myself through the viewfinder and think “thats going to be an interesting picture”. ha, now that i look at it i still dont think so i just dont care that much anymore. when i feel like mirrorshot i just do it <3

this guy u see quite often doing the mirrorthingy. we drink beer and piss in parks.


i always win free shots at irish pub quiz nights for funniest team name. their just isnt any competition.

16th floor

hellowien meets public transportation

first i took a picture of him working, he saw me taking the picture and i thought id get in trouble but he was like “c’mon friend, take another one”. this is it

i like

good night and good luck


5 Responses to “chapeau, mate”

  1. Suzan Says:

    Hehehe, perfect:
    Nice varying expressions in the selfportraits ;) And you look into your own eyes not into the lens :p

  2. Linus Says:

    thanks (:
    haha yeah i know, next time i’ll look at you

  3. Sebastian Says:

    vor dem kind bekomm ich angst (emo)

  4. schal Says:

    wenn ich eine leica hätte, würd ich wahrscheinlich ausschließlich mirror-shots machen, haha. das mag ich gern. :)

  5. christian Says:

    schöne fotos dabei.

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