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the place everyone comes to get fucked

December 21, 2007

go and watch the movie -shortbus- at your theater of choice.

this tag is spreading all over vienna. have seen it numerous times

two weeks ago i went for a cute sunday hike. didnt notice that the lens had obviously filmed over. hope u guys heart the effect

in case i find time and motivation ill write a little tutorial about how to get this cute effect in photoshop

def. my favourite rest room:

eva taking a break from dancing salsa la style. need a little more time to convince her that the dirty bachata workshop is something we definitely wanna do.

my uni-partner, with whom i work on several projects, lives in one of the gasometers. quite interesting location

besides a lot of tremendous masturbating, i went paintballing with some friends. i didnt expect the hits to hurt that much (stings like a bitch) but it was a lot of fun though. the venue was fucking dark so i didnt take a lot of pictures and, of course, i didnt want my camera to get all fucked up with paint…


anyhoo. last weekend i went to amsterdam baby.

cold, weed and oliebollen – thats what iam talkin about

waiting for the tram

i found it rather amusing that amsterdonians (please dont correct me) numbered their subway trains starting with the number “50”.

let me know if you like my posts this way (hardly any text, just pictures) or if u want me to put my twisted thoughts into words.

ill be back next year.

good night |Linus