February 7, 2008

last frames from amsterdam

back in vienna usual business – coffee

grandma hates dog shit and the building crane across the street

waiting for my dentist appointment

on the 24th of december i went for a walk. i know i probably dont please a lot of people with these frames but whatever

christmas eve itself was hell of a party:

how artsy… mq, vienna

more ice skating on lake neusiedl

reminds me a lot of one winter- “nice lady” picture of a well known photographer <:

who likes gelatine strings? :O

hes actually a big guy but kinda doesnt look true to scale, dunno

just for the sake of it

hard and soft?

new years eve

lots of good food and nice small talk. 5 great menu itmes, way to go mr cook

this is all trix400, no pushing

what a natural pose. yamba sparabo

the girl in focus is the host. ok, the picture itself is crap and the girl in front is just disturbing but i really like her appearance. i mean shes got class shes got style. id really like to take more pictures of her. well that night i didnt…


im always amazed about how candle light works in this kind of situations

5 am metro

still waiting for the metro, got a call that i should come over to a home party very close to my place. well i wasnt drunk enough, i thought, so i crashed it. when i got there it was 5:30 and like 30 people were leaving at once. i entered and found myself in an empty apartment with just these two fellas.

so i helped myself with one of the last beers and headed home.


8 Responses to “080207”

  1. christian Says:

    400 bei kerzenlicht? nicht schlecht.
    das foto in der u4 station gefällt mir.

  2. Sebastian Says:

    der anteil an männern in deinem blog ist jetzt mindestens schon auf 15 % gestiegen.

    http://linus.mongoscastle.net/blog/080207/img353.jpg gfallt ma am besten.

  3. miauzz Says:

    The host lady looks like angelina jolie! :P

  4. kip Says:

    hi Linus, stopping by,

    nice shots! tri-x normal is all we need these days I think =)

  5. Suzan Says:

    The candle light and sleeping frames are ace! The girl drinking from the mug and it making her glasses film over made me chuckle. The frames from your family are great too!

  6. Fergus Says:

    love to see http://linus.mongoscastle.net/blog/080207/img364.jpg printed on a wall, really gorgeous frame

  7. mustafah Says:

    the girl skating on ice and the last are good.

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