international language

September 23, 2007

ok im back to vienna. been to croatia for a week enjoying the last 2 days of summer break and to get aways from the first signs of starting fall here in vienna. it was really nice, little town called biograd , off-season.

anyhoo only shot 2 rolls of apx – might be the last for a while. upcoming winter forces u to skip to nocotography (trix+2 and higher ;) )

mostly just wild lady pix that get really repetitive after a while so ill just post a few

nice german guy from munich. talked like forever about the oktoberfest and why we should go. we drank a lot of aweful wine with him

this camera is so tiny

much better, just couldnt figure out how to hold it right (;

ok one last lady pic

because we like the international language of boobs

alright thats it

thanks for reading and commenting and leave me ur blog adress. i will feed my rss

now fuck off and good bye (;


5 Responses to “international language”

  1. Bernhard Says:

    es hat mich mehr als nur einen augenblick gekostet zu erkennen, dass das foto auch ein gesicht beinhaltet.

  2. marius Says:

    i like that language as well.

  3. Is there any school here i can learn how to speak this international language? I like the way it sounds!

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