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erdberg boomt

November 15, 2007

so if anyone is interested in what i ve been doing school wise the last two years:

the housing project i worked on last semester was nominated for an exhibtion about new urban living in vienna (an area called erdberg, within the 3rd district)

tonight this exhibtion is opened by viennas city councillor for housing. dont be afraid to drop by and take a look at some interesting concepts and ideas.


chapeau, mate

November 13, 2007

it is so not the point of having a blog if u only post like every other months, but yeahp…

just some placeholders so this place doenst look that empty.

trix400. dont know how, but i manged to fuck up developing. dirt and scratches like back in the days :/

i have never been one of the many guys who take a shitload of mirror shots. its not that i minde them or think it is stupid. actually most of them i find quite good and fun to look at. i just couldnt look back at myself through the viewfinder and think “thats going to be an interesting picture”. ha, now that i look at it i still dont think so i just dont care that much anymore. when i feel like mirrorshot i just do it <3

this guy u see quite often doing the mirrorthingy. we drink beer and piss in parks.


i always win free shots at irish pub quiz nights for funniest team name. their just isnt any competition.

16th floor

hellowien meets public transportation

first i took a picture of him working, he saw me taking the picture and i thought id get in trouble but he was like “c’mon friend, take another one”. this is it

i like

good night and good luck