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eines abends

August 31, 2007

i think this entry is going to be pretty random and/or unorganized… no real theme or red line since i have plenty to upload from previous months but ill just hang on to a couple of events.

best thing to do: start with a nice landscape

i think this was in february or so. weissensee

fancy and racy outfit. havent tried x-country skiing yet, dont know what all the fuss is about :|

during springbreak i went to relatives. train, what else. nice yawning asians were included.

grandpa in hospital. same old same old story

back to vienna.

young viennese wine

…and poker, of course.

fp4 nicer than i expected

lets hit some color. ha must be pretty longo ago since i shot my last color film

on the phone with some koller’scher prostitute

his elevator is shakin my booty

met up with an artist<3

wordpress,… only 148 words so far.

lets show some more pictures, ill write more next entry when i still remember who the hell i shot <3

ha funny just stumbled across this scan – this is soo old. amazing. took this with the canonet haha what a piece of shit thet camera was. still, i like this one

so i think this was shortly before summer break.

talking about monster clowns from outter space attacking earth

very enthusiastic! its summer! yay

is it just me or does it look like i was an coffee addict ?%”

nice lady. had running sushi. lots of it

moved on to bregenz, lake constance

family tales

july was great, got a superb summer job

workmate took this one of me at work. man this hair looks stupid. nice glasses though

french girl from lyon did the same internship as i.

on weekends we barbecued like georg foreman and his five sons (each and everyone of them is called georg too, nice) –

august was pretty laied back, not much going on.

very spectacular family gatherings at lake traunsee,

a little hiking

its really a pitty i cut off her feet… anyhoo, back to vienna, sushi, neusiedler see, kite surfing and nice ladys


was great day for kite surfing, she was very thrilled to watch us kite (;

sushi @ MQ

ok now i gotta hurry up. im heading to alt-aussee over the weekend.

got a couple of folders from last weeks hiking adventure left. funny stories are about to get published.

so please tell your friends about this show (yep, i love arrested development)



start in den abend

August 25, 2007

ha, guess i couldnt hold on to not having a blog myself anylonger. dunno if its a little summer bordem or just me trying to upload some pictures again. i didnt like to upload on dA or similiar sites anymore so i might pick up on writing random stuff and putting up images on wordpress. we’ll see.

now im off to the beach… danube beach :|

so stay sexy.see u later.