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tegan and sara

May 9, 2008

this post is going to feature 2 rolls of apx100 and one roll of trix400

in chronological order: random viennacafegossiphangoutposing – trip to munich – viennacafegossiphangoutposing²


where is waldo?

dont know how many pictures i have already taken at this cafe. especially the nice veneer brings lovely light insight. here: anna

definitely a b/w shirt

back to the little guy who likes to play with a roll of trix

oha, back at neat-light-cafe. switched girl, alright.

went to the new matthew barney exhibiton with girl and german guy. watched `drawing restraints` afterwards. hmm,… yeah i liked the 15 minutes of selfslaugther and cutting of björk and barney. sick.

well spent 8 bucks

this is german guy. he dislikes the vienna university of economics , he’ll be back in good old germany this summer.

hello mr business. the tie wasnt supposed to be this exposed, aye?

he needed some pictures for the firm he works for and a branch-relevant newspaper.

i went on a 3 day trip to munich with uni. very intense weekend


arch. Amandus Sattler| Herz Jesu Kirche, München

Micro Compact Home | Horden Cherry Lee Architects, Lydia Haack, John Höpfner

loads of beer and knuckles of porks

Aussegnungshalle München-Riem| Meck und Köppel

Kirchenzentrum München-Riem | Nagler Architekten

walking around munich all day long having uided tours and enjoying munich’s great nightlife isnt easy to bear.

Pinakothek der Moderne | Stephan Braunfels

Jüdisches Zentrum | Wandel Hofer Lorch

BMW Welt | Coop Himmelb(l)au

go b/w

my turkish connection.

klaus supervises my current project

hello gelatine strings. u like to rock my world every once in while. sleep well.

kerem and mooore pork knuckles…

so this was munich

back to vienna where the halbstarken rule street corners and milchbars.

the vienna zoo has also got some ubercute ice bears… build it and they will come.

last apx100 frame

let me know what you think

thank you and good bye