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February 23, 2008

actually i thought i d have the other roll of trix, i was shooting this and last week, developed by now but uber hot ladies(what irony) and super fun stuff kept me from finishing that roll.

anyhoo… i ll just go ahead and give u a little update since im gonna be gone skiing the following week.

sebastian, this time i think im not gonna keep my usual standards considering ladies-only pix. i hope little boys make u wackl your panties too :/

seems familiar? yeah we go out for lunch once a week, eat loads of food, i make stupid jokes, she laughs

good times

couldnt figure out what that dragon was supposed to do, mah

dont ask

u might know this one, i quite like it.

hit me with your hooow-cUuuute bullshit

1/30 f2 – im pretty surprised.

also its always important to look damn pissed. give em that attitude- its sexy <3

remember her?

after i took that picture with her hands covering her face she decided to always kinda hide her face with at least one hand – this makes her look better – she told me and cracked up (:

my buddy, again.

we hang together on some afternoons

when i told him my plan was to tear down the wall between my room and the guest room he volunteered to do that with his forehead. the little guy is a true friend

editing color pictures on a laptop is also something i can highly recommend to anyone who feels like having agoofy-gooper-great time. when i move my head 5 cm up/down/left/right my picture instantly gets a different exposure, hue,… its fantastic. fastest photoshoping i know. fuck color management

by the way: the “i will tear down this wall” saying wasnt a joke

extended my castle of lust, my room where the magic happens, my playboy mansion, my sexilicious hideout.

so if you plan on cuming to vienna and consider yourself a female/male/shemale at the age of 14 – 65, drop me a short note with full body picture included. i might let u stay at my place <3

jesus fucking christ, i have no clue what is wrong with me tonight, i apologize!

thats my new wetsuit on the left, hope to get on the water kite surfing the next couple of weeks.

people who pee in their wetsuits are fucking disgusting

all my stuff is waiting in boxes. i really need to get the floor fixed, paint the walls, and hook me up with new furniture

nahh, one more week of skiing wont hurt anyone, except my sister who has to live in this mess thus far. whatever, i hope she moves out soon.

cant wait to ride this fone kite board

so hope you guys have sextreme weekends and shit.




February 7, 2008

last frames from amsterdam

back in vienna usual business – coffee

grandma hates dog shit and the building crane across the street

waiting for my dentist appointment

on the 24th of december i went for a walk. i know i probably dont please a lot of people with these frames but whatever

christmas eve itself was hell of a party:

how artsy… mq, vienna

more ice skating on lake neusiedl

reminds me a lot of one winter- “nice lady” picture of a well known photographer <:

who likes gelatine strings? :O

hes actually a big guy but kinda doesnt look true to scale, dunno

just for the sake of it

hard and soft?

new years eve

lots of good food and nice small talk. 5 great menu itmes, way to go mr cook

this is all trix400, no pushing

what a natural pose. yamba sparabo

the girl in focus is the host. ok, the picture itself is crap and the girl in front is just disturbing but i really like her appearance. i mean shes got class shes got style. id really like to take more pictures of her. well that night i didnt…


im always amazed about how candle light works in this kind of situations

5 am metro

still waiting for the metro, got a call that i should come over to a home party very close to my place. well i wasnt drunk enough, i thought, so i crashed it. when i got there it was 5:30 and like 30 people were leaving at once. i entered and found myself in an empty apartment with just these two fellas.

so i helped myself with one of the last beers and headed home.